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So it turns out I’m a total snob

What a crappy realization to come to.

I’ve always avoided Grocery Outlet because “it’s icky and only had low brow stuff”.  The Grocery Outlet in the town next to us is in the same strip mall as Value Village and The Dollar Store.  Let’s just say the parking lot is always a fun people watching location.

Anyhoo, in an effort to avoid a traffic jam I always hit at 4:30 on my way home, I decided to head to GO after picking up Jack from my aunt’s.  Wow.  Wow, was I ever surprised!

They had a decent selection of organic produce, but what blew me away was the organic cheeses and boxed foods.  Generally I avoid most processed foods even if they’re organic, but their selection of organic diced (canned) tomatoes, pasta, soups, and cereals were amazing! 

Jack eats Cascadian Farms organic “Just O’s” every morning for a snack before breakfast.  At Fred Meyer they are $4.59 a box.  I always stock up when they are 2/$6 and have a coupon for $1 off 2 which makes my price $2.50 a box.  Grocery Outlet had them regular price for $2.49!!!  True, they expire this month so I didn’t get them to add to my stash, but overall the savings is $2.10 a box.

They also had a huge selection of boxed rice, almond, and soy milk.  I also picked up a bottle of organic Kombucha for $1.29.  Yum!

So I will admit it.  I’m a snob for turning up my nose at Grocery Outlet.  No longer my friends.  No longer.

I did not receive any compensation from GO for this post.  I just was impressed and wanted to spread the word!

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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7 comments on “So it turns out I’m a total snob”

  1. There’s this specialty foods store up here where I live called “The Meat House”. We transitioned from “store bought” meat several years ago and have limited ourselves to meat we raise ourselves or meat that we buy from local farmers, and so I adopted a pretty snobbish attitude toward The Meat House, thinking they must stock CAFO meat. We went in there to purchase a gift cert for a family member who doesn’t eshew feedlot meat, and to our delight and surprise, not only do they stock local products, but their beef is actually organic AND grass-fed!

    So, I was chuckling at myself when I read your post, because I did the same thing ;).

  2. That was a pretty snarky comment about the Value Village and Dollar Tree people, so I’m glad you admit to being a snob after all. If you can afford to shop at Freddy’s, I guess you’ve earned the right. I’ve shopped the GO for years and love the ever-changing offerings. Expiration dates don’t always matter, btw, do some research on that… If you haven’t walked in other people’s (second-hand) shoes, don’t judge…a lot of us are cheap out of necessity, not choice, but it’s a greener way to live, nonetheless. Cheers.

  3. Dorothy,

    Thanks for the comment and for sharing your feelings. Regardless of how I took them, I do appreciate your honesty and your feelings and experiences.

    That being said, I would encourage you to take your own advice about thinking about other’s situations as well.

    You’ve never walked in my shoes and you haven’t lived my life. 2010 has been the hardest year I’ve ever had and you don’t know the depths that I’ve sunk to emotionally, spiritually, and financially. And that is saying a lot because up until that point, I thought 2009 sucked pretty hardcore.

    And while I don’t ow you a biography, most of my wardrobe growing up came from thrift stores or hand me downs. We were never “poor” per say, but I was taught that if something is good enough for one person, it’s fine for the next one. As the youngest amongst my sister and older cousin, I was often the last in the line of well-loved clothes, toys, and shoes.

    My favorite memory(ies) as a child didn’t involve “stuff” or fancy vacations or toys. In truth we didn’t have too much of those things, but we did have family time and love and togetherness.

    Even as an adult when I was more financially secure, I always shopped at Goodwill and garage sales. I never lost my “roots”. I don’t owe you an explanation, but my ONE previous experience with GO was terrible – rotten food. So I haven’t returned to the store until now.

    So there are MY shoes. Walk in them if you so choose. They are well-worn, are have carried me through laughter, tears, heartache, childbirth, marriage, and extreme loss. They’ve allowed me to drive to work each day to try and keep my family afloat and donate to others when I can afford it. They were on my feet while I held my grandfather’s hand while he died 7 days before I gave birth. Despite what you likely think, they aren’t fancy, but they are mine. They may not be anything special, but they allow me to walk straight each day knowing who I am.

    I welcome you to continue reading my blog and commenting however you like. I’m a big girl and can accept what others thing about me once they actually KNOW me. Rash judgments are slippery slopes from both angles.

  4. Dorothy,
    As a friend of the author I can tell you that you are COMPLETELY off base about her. She gives as much as she can, is frugal so often it makes me wonder about my own frugality and has been through more than her fair shre of financially hard times.

    This is HER blog and she is welcome to share her thoughts, opinions and anything else she cares to.

    Sarah’s reply to you is much more adult than I would be if someone were attacking me. I would simply say Bite Me.

  5. Just so you know, GO has way cheaper toiletries, too, and usually the fancy pants organic ones can be had for very little money and rather consistently there.

    I LOVE the Grocery Outlet.

  6. Ranee,

    Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t peruse the toiletries section because I’m all stocked up to date, but I will definitely take a gander the next time I’m there.