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A review and a giveaway!

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Andrea, a new stay at home mom (and Army wife to boot!) who is a new distributor of Shaklee products.  Have you all heard of Shaklee?  I think I heard of them for the first time a few years ago when Oprah did a show on “going green”.  I’ll admit that Oprah drives me batty, but I did tune in for that episode.

But I digress.  Shaklee is an all-natural line of cleaning products that are great for anyone who just wants to “green” their clean.  They’re also phenomenal for people with allergies or sensitivities to conventional cleaning products.

Andrea send me a little sample to try out.  When I received it, I thought there was no way this little teeny tiny bottle could make a surface cleaner!  Two little drops of Basic H can make up to 16 oz of cleaning solution.  Pretty cool!  I’ve been using it for a few days now, and like how it cleans, and like that there are no noxious fumes.  Between Troy’s allergies and asthma, and Jack getting into EVERYTHING, I love the idea that a surface cleaner is non-toxic.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Andrea has generously offered to give away 5 samples of Basic H to FBCCBN (Frugal by Choice…you get the picture) readers!  To enter, head to Andrea’s store and look around at the products and come back and leave a comment saying which product you’d most want to try out.

Using, I’ll draw for the 5 winners of the Basic H samples on Friday at 8 pm PT.

Andrea provided me with a document showing the price breakdown of Shaklee products vs. conventional cleaners.  Pretty interesting stuff, but unfortunately I’m a dumb dumb and can’t figure out how to post it on blogger.  If you’re interested, please email me at beingfrugalbychoiceblog at gmail dot com

Edited to add:  the giveaway is open to US residents only.

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14 comments on “A review and a giveaway!”

  1. All of the products look great! My parent used to sell Shaklee, I didn’t know it was still around! This is such great news!!! I would like to try~ Fresh Laundry Concentrate(powder)Fragrance-free, because my husband has very sensitive skin.

  2. I would want to try the Basic H2 organic super cleaning concentrate. That bottle makes a lot of cleaner.

  3. I’m very interested in the fragrance free dishwasher detergent. I’ve started noticing our dishwashing detergent has a very strong smell and I hesitate to use it when my son is going to be near the kitchen.

  4. This looks interesting. I’m intrigued by how much the Basic H says it makes and how well it can clean. I’d like to try that. We have all three examples and then some in our home (bug guts, spilled milk and splattered spaghetti sauce). HA!

  5. I’d love to try the dish wash concentrate. Does it come with instructions for husbands who already like to use too much dishwashing soap?*

    *I am in no way, shape or form complaining about the way my husband washes dishes.

  6. Basic H has my attention…

  7. I actually like the basic H especially since its concentrated I would be able to control how much or little it contains.

    great give away

  8. I currently have the Basic H and Scour Off and LOVE them! I have had the same bottle of Basic H for MONTHS and I still have over 3/4 bottle. Next on my list to try is Basic G!

  9. I tried to make my own powder laundry detergent, but the grated laundry bar looked like shaved cheese (whoops). I would LOVE to try Shaklee’s Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Powder) to see how much better it works than my crap.

    Hooray for giveaways!

  10. I would love to try the Basic H2 cleaning concentrate. I like how versatile it is!

  11. I’d love to try the fragrence free dryer sheets!

  12. I would love to try the Basic H2 Super Cleaning Solution!

  13. I make all of my own cleaning products. Cheaper and healthier and I know what is in them. I make my own floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, fabric softener, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent,deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, foaming hand soap, body wash/baby wash, I use organic, virgin coconut oil for lotion and I am sure I am missing something here but you get the idea. I love your blog, though! My friend turned me onto it with your post on shower disks.