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Raspberries and three year old stand up

We’re now in the thick of the fall/second crop of our raspberries, and these ones are so much bigger!  Our raspberry bed that Troy and Jack built is only 6 months old, but we’re getting at least 11 raspberries a day.  How do I know we’re getting at least 11?  Well, we have this..

And then I get to eat one.

The other day during dinner, Jack and I had this conversation:

Jack: Mommy, Poppy and I fed a chip to a chipmunk at the zoo.
Me: Why didn’t you give him a pretzel.
Jack: Because he isn’t a pretzelmunk

Badump baa.

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2 comments on “Raspberries and three year old stand up”

  1. lol! I love kids sayings!

  2. Wait until you hear all the jokes you thought were so original when you were a child, like all the knock-knock jokes. You have to laugh. But, that is easy even if you have heard them all before because the kids are so sincere.

    After those raspberries being stuck on little boy fingers, I would let him eat them all, too.