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POOP in 15, Home – day 3

What is POOP in 15?  It is a series for people who want more order in their lives, but don’t have a lot of time to devote to doing it.


Today’s task: clean out your fridge.  You can do your freezer if you’re feeling up to it, but the focus should be on the fridge.   Everyone has a few jars or containers of sketchy origins in their refrigerator.  We see them every time we open the door to get something and we do nothing about it.

Take EVERYTHING out.  Evaluate if it should be saved or tossed, OR is it something that could be frozen, or consumed within the next 24 hours?  Wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge with hot soapy water, and put the “keep” items back in the fridge in an organized fashion. 

We have most of our stuff in glass containers because we can see through them (deep thoughts); that prevents so much food spoilage!

Produce and cheese drawers aren’t shown.  It’s just cheese and shit.

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11 comments on “POOP in 15, Home – day 3”

  1. If feels liberating to clean that sucker out.

  2. How funny is it that I just did this yesterday!

  3. Just like Ange I did it yesterday. Actually I was lucky because mine was almost empty, so I cleaned it and then went to the store. I want you to know that I just put 3 boxes of stuff and a bike in the trunk of my car. Tomorrow they will be at the Salvation Army. I feel so good. I promise to kept cleaning!

  4. I did it today before I went grocery shopping. Well, kind of. I didn’t take everything out because it’s hotter than %&^*%^ here. But I tossed all the science experiments and quick wiped the shelves. 🙂

  5. You’d be surprised the kind of things I find in my parents’ fridge when I go over to help clean… the worst was a yellow mustard bottle that was 2 years and 3 months from the exp date. It was the small ones too. Compared to the family size ketchup bottles that don’t survive 2 months there.

    • I’m impossible to surprise by expired things in parent’s fridge. You remember my parent’s are boarder-line hoarders, right? My sister and I throw things away almost every week during family dinner.

      I think the nastiest was string cheese that was almost a year expired. They insisted it was still good.

  6. I’m a little behind, but I did this tonight. I typically “clean out” the fridge once a week when I go through it for left-overs nights, but this time I focused on the staples that are always in there (like the condiments, bacon reserves, containers of broth and yogurt, etc). I found some horrifically old olives and a jar of jam from when my husband was still just my boyfriend. We were engaged in November of 2010 and married December of 2012 so um…it’s been a while. I checked all of the dates, recycled what I could and then gave each shelf a good scrub. It was a terrifying yet liberating experience.

    I really like this series

  7. My fridge was Nasty, Nasty, Nasty! I cant remember the last time I gave it a proper clean, although I wipe spilled things and toss stuff intermittently. Now it looks just fab! Everything reorganised into a better spot and i will no longer have to grimace every time I look at the bottom of the fruit and vege bins! Thanks for the motivation! Yay!