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Please pardon the radio silence

My momma is in the hospital, so I’ll be a bit out of touch until things improve!

Wednesday night update: Mom is doing about 100% better than yesterday!  Yesterday was sad and scary, but I walked in to her room today to find her sitting up, about to eat (first time since Sunday), and laughing with her friend Karen.  If laughter is truly the best medicine, your prayers and kind thoughts added a wonderful boost to help aid her recovery.  Thank you so much!

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17 comments on “Please pardon the radio silence”

  1. I’ll say a prayer for your mom’s speedy recovery.

  2. Hope she feels better real soon!

  3. Prayers and good wishes sent your way..

  4. Positive thoughts being sent your way. Speedy recovery.

  5. Hope she recovers quickly!

  6. Thoughts and prayers!

  7. Best of luck for a quick return to health and pleasant folks at the hospital!

  8. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Hope everything is ok and I know we will all be here when you come back.

  9. Blessings for you, your momma and the rest of your family.

  10. Sending healing thoughts to your mom. And strength to you.

  11. We’re thinking of you and your family in this tough time. I hope it all resolves itself quickly and painlessly.

  12. Prayers for your mom – AND you – and we will be anxiously waiting for an update…….

  13. Im so glad she is doing better, thats great!

  14. Hope your mother is on the mend & feeling better asap!!

  15. Prayers for your momma!!! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  16. White light coming you and Mom’s and your families way….