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Monday tip of the week – stop wasting shampoo!

For full disclosure, I worked at a salon in high school as a receptionist.  So I’m kinda an expert in this matter.  I’m practically a hair doctor.

The whole “later, rinse, repeat” is a marketing gimmick.  For reals though.  If your hair isn’t lathering well, it’s almost always because your hair isn’t wet enough – not that you need more shampoo, or to “repeat”.

Before you shampoo your hair, make sure it is soaking wet, and run your hands through it like you are lathering it.  That will make sure your hair is soak through and will lather sufficiently.

Woot woot!

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8 comments on “Monday tip of the week – stop wasting shampoo!”

  1. People also use wayyyy too much shampoo. Another tip is to halve the amount you use. Keep halving it daily until it no longer lathers. At that point, you know yesterday’s amount is perfect. For my hair, at chin length, it only takes a pea sized amount.

  2. Not to point out, but it varies on the hair type, a lot… My hair is really thick, wavy and I’ve got lots of it. Like, lots. So on my first wash, it wont lather at all. No matter how much shampoo or how much water. It also would help to mention I only wash my hair once a week and not as often as people with finer hair would. The oil build up the amount/thickness of the hair makes it so I need extra shampoos. I do dilute the bottle once it’s about 2/3 ~ 1/2 down with a bit of water, and that definitely helps distributing the shampoo faster and evenly.

  3. Try adding 1-2 Tablespoons of baking soda to your shampoo every few shampoos. Works like a clarifier, only not at severe and drying. Really adds some volume to the fine hair too!

  4. Depends on the hardness of your water too.