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Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Let’s pretend for a minute.  Let’s pretend that I have a friend…let’s call her Mary.

And this friend “Mary” is picky.

Really picky.

Like crazy picky.

This “friend” of mine has a theory that mint chocolate chip ice cream should not be green.  In fact, should green mint chocolate chip ice cream be in her presence, it shall not be acknowledged or discussed.  Green mint chocolate chip ice cream is a non-entity.

Well, my picky friend is kind of right.  Maybe about halfway right.  The mint chocolate chip ice cream options in the store fall under two categories:

  • Bleached white
  • Industrial green

A scoop of each please!

The homemade version lies somewhere in the middle.  It’s a light buttery yellow if using yolks from the eggs of happy free-ranging spoiled as shit chickens.

The homemade version has a subtle minty flavor, with a slightly green hue.  It’s magical, it’s delicious, and it’s natural.  The way mint-infused milk should taste.   I’m boldly going to proclaim that even Mary would eat this.


A quick note about one of the ingredients used below, evaporated cane juice.  It’s basically sugar, but a less processed form of sugar.  It’s not a liquid (as the word “juice” would imply), but crystals that are bigger than normal white sugar, and you use it in the same measurements as you would regular white sugar.  I get it at Costco, in a green bag for $9.99 for 10 pounds.  It’s organic, and acts just like normal sugar for baking and cooking.  I haven’t purchased white sugar in years, because this stuff is the tits!

Mary-safe Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
The base for this recipe is loosely based off of another recipe in The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters
This doesn’t make a large batch of ice cream, so if you’d like to increase the portions, double the cream and half-and-half, and bump up the egg yolks to 4.
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup half and half
1/2 cup organic evaporated cane juice or sugar
1/3 cup packed fresh mint leaves
3 egg yolks, room temperature
Minced chocolate or mini chocolate chips

This seems like it has a lot of steps, which it does, but the actual hands on time for creating this delicious gem is very small.

1) Wash and lightly dry your mint leaves.

2) Set up a fine mesh sieve over a heat-proof bowl.  I love using my huge measuring cup because it can go right in to the freezer.

3) Put the egg yolks in a heat-proof bowl, and whisk until well-combined.


These yolks have not been Photoshopped (because I don’t know how to use Photoshop…), they’re really just that orange. Love my chickens!

4) In a medium-sized pot, combine the half-and-half, the evaporated cane juice, and mint leaves until the sugar has dissolved.  You really want to “bruise” the mint up.  Make it sorry it ever messed with you.  I use a french sauce whisk, but feel free to use some batteries in a sock.

001 007

5) Take 1/3 cup of the sugar/milk mixture (try to keep it free of the mint leaves), and slowly, very slowly, dribble the hot mixture in to the egg, whisking very quickly the whole time.  Or, feel free to ignore this recommendation, and have scrambled egg ice cream.  Your choice.  Totally.


Jack took this photo for ya’ll.  Measuring cups levitate in our house.  It’s a thing.


6) Return the egg/milk mixture to the pot, and whisk to incorporate.  Cook for an additional 1-2 minutes, making sure to not let the mixture boil.


7) Pour the contents of the pot through the sieve.  Add the heavy cream to the mixture in the bowl, and stir well.  Put the bowl in the freezer for two hours, or in the fridge for four hours.

011 012

8) With your ice cream maker running, add the base to the machine, and churn until it starts to resemble ice cream.  You’ve seen ice cream before…you’ll know what to look for.  I trust your judgement.  Add the chocolate to the mixture, and continue to churn until thick and creamy.




9) Remove the ice cream from the machine and put it in a freezer-proof container with a lid.  You can serve it immediately, but it will be crazy melty…ice cream soup if you will.  I like to freeze it for at least three hours.  It’s torturous to wait that long, but results in an ice cream with a consistency like store-bought.  Believe.


Enjoy this with friends and family…or eat it on your own hiding in your closet while PBS Kids is on Roku for distraction.


A “behind a scenes” look at how most of my food shots are actually staged.  Like his black eye and band aid?  He got hit with a puzzle at preschool, but we taught him to say “you should see the other guy”.


Making this recipe or others?

Post a photo on my Facebook page, share it on Instagram, or save it to Pinterest with the tag #sustainablecooks. I can't wait to see your take on it!

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16 comments on “Mint chocolate chip ice cream”

  1. Hilarious, “you should see the other guy”, must teach my kids this. Can’t wait to try your ice-cream. Thanks for another entertaining post.

  2. That looks delish! I’d say poor Jack but he looks like he is doing ok! Question where did you buy your girls? I live in Oly and am planning on chickens for next spring but I can only get 3 so I don’t want to order online. I’m so excited!! Going back to read your posts on getting the chickens now. 🙂

    P.S. I found some Weck glass for canning at goodwill today!!

    • We got our first set of 6 chickens from a supplier who used to raise them to be “coop ready”, but no longer does that. The last 2 we got (last week) were raised by a client of mine who was already raising chickens, so just added 2 for me. We can’t have chicks in the house because of Troy’s allergies, so we have to buy them “coop ready”.

      I’d wander down to the Oly farmer’s market this week, and start talking to vendors. One of them will know a local supplier who has chickens for you. We hippies all talk. ;-D

      Wecks at Goodwill? Find of a lifetime; nice work!!!

  3. I use that sugar from Costco as well. Mint chocolate chip is definitely a fav in this house, and I agree with “Mary” that it shouldn’t be unnaturally green. I haven’t ever had it with fresh mint leaves before. I can’t wait to try it – thanks for the recipe!

    • It’s hard to compare the taste of fresh mint ice cream to store-bought. It almost has a grassy flavor, but a very pleasant one. It tastes like spring, and summer, and childhood.

  4. Looks delicious. I think I agree with “Mary” white looks better than green for ice cream!

  5. YUM! they don’t make it over here, but in my home country they did and I loved the stuff (just like orange chocolate chip 🙂 taking the tip? ) any way just wondering whats half and half? milch product? obviously i have not heard of the stuff( try googling it Hmmmmm Interesting 😉

    • Did I just write milch? I did that’t my problem for living in a german speaking country I meant Milk 🙂

      • Half-and-half is half cream, half milk. It’s thicker/creamier than normal milk, and thinner than straight heavy cream.

        I actually use the raw milk that I buy from the farm. I dip a measuring cup in the jar, and grab some of the heavy cream and the 3% milk.

  6. Have you had trouble with your ice cream maker? We’re on our second one, and it’s busted, too. I need to return it again, but am dreading the process. Ours keep splitting on the seam and all the blue goo leaks out. 🙁

    “Mary”‘s a weirdo, by the way.

  7. SEE! Mint chocolate chip ice cream isn’t supposed to be green! I told you so!!!!

  8. I agree with “Mary”, mint flavor foods should not be toxic green! The big sports stores like Cabela’s & Bass Pro Shop have hand crank ice cream makers, & I really want one! Also, I grew up saying “You should see truck!” As in, ‘it looks worse than I do’!