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Meal plan for April 17-23

I hope you may be able to glean some ideas from my menu.  Happy meal planning everyone!

Sunday – homemade chicken salad sandwiches, sliced avocado, home canned fruit, and tomato soup

Monday – Grilled chicken and apple sausage, grilled artichokes, and homemade mashed potatoes

Tuesday – Turkey ham, peas, and homemade garlic bread

Wednesday – Enchiladas, spanish rice, and crockpot black beans

Thursday – I’m working late and Troy is is at his internship.  I ain’t makin’ nothing.  In laws will feed J, and I’ll probably make some eggs when I get home.

Friday – homemade Hawaiian pizza, peas, and home canned fruit

Saturday – chicken fettuccine, a veggie, and homemade garlic bread

This is a menu that helps clean out my freezer and pantry.  The only things I’m buying for this week are 2 chicken breasts, fresh veggies, fettucine, and avocado.

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

Making this recipe or others?

Post a photo on my Facebook page, share it on Instagram, or save it to Pinterest with the tag #sustainablecooks. I can't wait to see your take on it!

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