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Let me cut to the Chase

JP Morgan Chase, you’re fired.  I want you and your fees out of my life.  I want your big mega-bank rules and regulations to hit the road.  Don’t look back, because I’m not.

I know you’ll cry foul and say that the Dodd-Frank bill has “tied your hands” and forced you to charge me fees for the “privilege” of having an account with you.  But, I can’t abide by you crying poor and still making $4.8 billion in profits in the 2nd quarter of last year.  And you’re also getting rid of reward checking.  I don’t agree with you, but I respect capitalism and think you have every right to run your business the way you see fit.

As a consumer, I too have a right to run my family “business” however I prefer, and $120 a year in fees is not a practice we embrace.

I buy my milk, eggs, honey, and meat locally.  And now?  Now I’m adding banking locally to my repertoire.  I’ve joined a credit union that will reward me with doing my business there.  There are plenty of local branches, and if for some reason I need to use another bank’s ATM, they will reimburse me for those fees.  And when I call them with a question, they pick up the phone.

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3 comments on “Let me cut to the Chase”

  1. It seems ALL banks are finding ways to charge their customers…even our beloved credit union is now charging a $4 fee if your savings account drops below $300 in any given month! argh! The local credit union, charged us if they had to cover an overdraft by taking money out of our savings account!!
    It seems the way of doing business in the banking world these days.

  2. Been with a true local credit union (just because it says its a credit union doesn’t make it local) for 3 years now and I am loving them.

  3. Also, if it is a credit union co-op bank you can use any other credit union co-op atm for free. I’ve taken advantage of this a lot.. even depositing checks into my out of state credit union in a local atm.