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Honey Simple Syrup

In the midst of last week’s sugar challenge, my only craving for sugar was my missing nightly sweet drink during dinner.  My “sweet” drink of choice is usually homemade water kefir soda, or a glass of lemonade.  Neither are crawling with sugar, but I tried to be strict during the challenge.

On Wednesday, it hit me like a ton of bricks – a simple syrup made with honey!  I bounded into the kitchen giddy with excitement over a return of my precious dinner companion.  It couldn’t have been more simple (hint: that’s probably why it is called a simple syrup…), and was delicious!

Healthified Simple Syrup
-3 parts water
-1 part raw honey

Put in a pan and stir with a whisk until boiling.

Gratuitous photo in case you’re not certain what water and honey in a pan look like…

Pour in to containers and refrigerate until cold.

Mix 1 part simple syrup, to 1 part freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice, to 1 part water.  Delish!

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