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Clean your jewlery -safely and cheaply

This week’s Monday tip is brought to you by the letter H for Hydrogen Peroxide.

Simply fill a small glass or bowl with enough hydrogen peroxide to cover the jewelery you want to clean.  Let it do it’s thing (bubbling action) for a few hrs.  If you have an old soft toothbrush, give it a little scrub at the end.  Rinse with water, and you’ll have gorgeous sparkling and gunk free jewelery for about $.04.

I’ve done this with silver and white gold and have never had issues, but if you’re worried, consult your warranty policy that comes with fancier pieces!

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One comment on “Clean your jewlery -safely and cheaply”

  1. Another option (which is safe even on pearls) is 1 C hot water, 1 T baking soda, 1 T salt, 1 T dish soap, combined in a bowl with a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom (I don’t know what this does). I tossed in my jewelry for a minute or two, rinsed it off and patted it dry and it’s all sparkly now!