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Annoying blog break

My computer is once again going tits up, so I’ll be taking a break until my IT friend can take a look at it again.  I wish you all a lovely week, lots of laughter, and epic fart jokes.

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9 comments on “Annoying blog break”

  1. Tits up…you are so funny! Hope it gets fixed good and soon 🙂

  2. Day 8 and still no sign of life on the blog. Going through Jack-ism withdrawal, so I think I might just drink a juice box. So many questions that need answers….are the girls laying eggs? Are there doors on the closet? What is Sarah finding in the dirt as she prepares for Spring? Is the single neighbor dating yet?

    Sigh. 😉

  3. I somehow got unsubscribed from your blog and I can’t believe I’m just now realizing it! I seriously thought you’d been on a break for a while so I decided to check the site to see what was going, only to find out I just randomly haven’t been getting e-mails for months! I’m so sad that I missed so much, and now I’m off to go play catch up…

    • Hi Alyssa! I think this happened to me as well, back when she changed platforms from Blogspot to her own domain name. Took me a couple weeks to realize it too and I had to figure it out cause the break in posts was bumming me out. Have fun catching up, she’s so funny it’s a joy to read her posts, huh? 🙂

      You da bomb Sarah!

  4. I’m going through major withdrawal here. Life just isn’t the same without your blog. Hoping you are able to get your computer repaired soon so I can get my fix. Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve heard any fart jokes???? Hope everyone is doing great and you are hanging in there. Thanks for your posts on facebook while the computer is down. Miss you.

  5. I need your posts!! Sadly I keep checking every other day!!! I am starting to get the shakes!!! Come back soon!!

  6. Day 23: The blog is quiet and barren, with an occasional comment to silence the sounds of the cricket chirping in cyberspace. I check in 2-3 times a day for signs of life and sigh so deeply that my co-workers random people stare at me strangely.

    I am not angry, I understand lives are busy. And our dear Sarah cannot take the computer in to be fixed….that is not frugal and would be selling out!!  But I have to admit, I have considered stalking the IT friend just to put a bit of a rush on this.

    **Chirp** **Chirp** **Sigh**