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Ain’t no party like a Jamberry party…

…cause a Jamberry party won’t stop!

My “non-chickness” is pretty epic.  Remember the time I cut off all my hair because it was taking me six minutes to do my hair in the morning?  And how I am the least sympathetic person whenever Troy is sick?  My constant references to his “mangina” are not appreciated by him.  But ohhhhh so satisfying (and accurate).

So, when my friend Tara asked if I’d try some Jamberry nails, I said “um, meh”.

I have lots of friends and coworkers who love Jamberry, but honestly I never really “got them”, and them seemed complicated and not something I was interested in.  For those of you who may not know, Jamberry are really colorful and fun nail wraps that are like putting stickers on your nails, but look professionally done.

She persisted, and I thought I’d be nice and give them a try.  I looked at all the options online, and settled for something I deemed “tasteful, not-obvious, and would hide garden dirt”.  I eventually settled on pink stripes, and then went about reading the directions.  I balked when I saw that you needed a cuticle pusher thingy.  I had to go out and buy one.  Go me.

But honestly, I watched the video online, and then did the nails and it was really simple.  Even I could figure it out…once I bought a cuticle thingy.

Here is how my nails always look


Here is what they looked like with Jamberry


Here is what they looked like three weeks to the day after I put them on (I hate how fast my stupid nails grow, because I like to keep them SHORT)


I have to tell you, for someone who never does their nails, it was so fun having nice ones for a change.  The reaction I got to them were hilarious as well; Jack screamed “nice nails Mommy” and kept hugging me for the first two days I had them on.  Troy said they were like Willy Wonka nails and reminded him of a candy store.  The guy at the Honda dealership (I was having service done) kept saying “your nails are tripping me out.  They’re awesome”.

These nails survived:

  • 3 chicken coop clean outs
  • 10+ hours of gardening
  • 13 hours of applesauce making and canning
  • 7 hours of quilting
  • an ungodly number of hours of dishes, laundry, and bathroom cleaning
  • 21 days of child bathing
  • 14 days of work and constant typing

One of the coolest thing about the nails is that each package has enough to do your nails multiple times.  Try getting a professional manicure to last weeks for only $15!


So, here are the details if you’d like some for your very own!

  • If you’d like to order, Tara has set up a “party” here.
    • Instead of keeping any hostess rewards, Tara and I are returning them back to you!  The more people buy, the more giveaways she’ll be doing to anyone who purchases something.
  • Interested in trying them out, but am not willing to commit?  Tara is graciously offering some samples!
  • Questions for Tara?  Contact her here.
  • Tara has a video talking about “jams”, how to, etc.  Please giggle at her “wicked” Northeastern accent with me.


Go ahead and order yourself some today!  They are super fun, very easy, and hardy (hardy, we like to party)!

Making this recipe or others?

Post a photo on my Facebook page, share it on Instagram, or save it to Pinterest with the tag #sustainablecooks. I can't wait to see your take on it!

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22 comments on “Ain’t no party like a Jamberry party…”

  1. Awww….I was going to sign up for free trial but NC is not listed as a state. Is this an overlook or is NC not included?

    • Hi there! I can’t believe I messed that form up! Ah my 5th grade social studies teacher would be so upset! I’ve made an adjustment to the form so now you an just type in your state! Sorry about the confusion!!

  2. Hi there! I can’t believe I messed that form up! Ah my 5th grade social studies teacher would be so upset! I’ve made an adjustment to the form so now you an just type in your state! Sorry about the confusion!!

  3. Those look wicked fun! I always pick at the nail polish and it ends up only lasting a week or so. These look like they would be fun for me and the kiddo to try out.

    Oh, and I’m an NH girl transplanted West of the Mississippi. I miss hearing wicked and all those other fun Northeastern sayings.

    • Hi Tina!
      They are so much fun, and the best part is I get to share them with my daughter because we also have a kid’s line called Jamberry Juniors. Especially right now we have a lot of fun holiday themed wraps. There are even some that pay homage to Frozen which I’ve had to talk my little one out of until her birthday party in a few weeks!
      I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

  4. Looking forward to trying these. I had fantastic nails -never got manicures…just went natural. Then I discovered gel manicures. That suff stays on forever! beautiful! For about three months I did this every three weeks or so. HOWEVER the folks at the salon really liked dremmel tooling off what the remover and scraping didn’t take off easily. Now my nails are paper thin and nasty. Was thinking of gel for home but this stuff looks fun and easy. Will we need dynamite or power tools to get it off???? Another beef with cheaper fast salons is that they sometimes gop it on near the cuticle and the darn things kept getting stuck in my hair when showering or if my nails got anywhere near my hair. Am I a freak or has anyone else had these troubles.

    • Hi MissHoll!

      I’d be happy to answer your questions! I wore acrylics for over 15 years and 4 months ago I got my first sample of Jamberry, tried it and never looked back! The removal process is pretty simple! You reheat your wraps, then once the seal is broken use nail polish remover to get the adhesive off. Don’t just pull them off, you’ll ruin your nails, the adhesive is strong! You can also heat up some water and lemon juice, or a lot of people use coconut oil and a dental flosser to get under the wrap and remove it that way.
      I’ve opened up a facebook event for all of Sarah’s readers to get more information!
      Hope to see you there!!

      • Looking forward to trying them! Thank you! Will check out Facebook page!

      • Missholl, I can also speak from my limited experience, but three weeks to the day, these things started peeling off. I just used my thumb nail to loosen them a bit and then they came right off. But stayed put for 21 days!

  5. These look cool! I’m a Scratch nails girl, myself. Nothing more exciting than seeing what surprises are in my ‘monthly mani’ box!

    I’m definitely not a girlie girl and as of last spring my nails looked like yours. I never got into polish because, why bother? My nails were a horrid shape, so thin and short and I did too much harsh work to be bothered when they’d be wrecked in a couple of days. It’s difficult to feel ‘girlie’ at my job.

    Then a friend convinced me to get my first mani/pedi last spring . OMG! I never dreamed my nails could look so good! I got gel nails done and I’ve never looked back!

    My income is extremely limited (my grocery budget is dependent on whatever is left over after bills). So I went online, got all researched up about doing my own gel nails and now I have a drawer full of Sally Hansen gel polish and a mini LED lamp from ebay. Total cost: less than $100. Or as I like to think of it : 100+ manicures for the price of 4! I also live in the sticks, so trucking into the city in the middle of winter for a manicure isn’t going to happen. Now I do a mix of gel nails and stickers and my nails look AWESOME.

    I get so many compliments from jealous women at work. I usually redo my nails on a lazy Sunday evening, so I actually look forward to work on Monday morning!

    Who Run the World?!

    • That’s awesome! Our wraps can also be used under or over gels! If you would like to try out a sample please don’t hesitate to ask I’m sending a bunch out tomorrow! Jamberry also has a monthly subscription StyleBox where you get 2 sets of wraps each month, and one of them is exclusive to StyleBox subscribers!

      • Thanks Tara! I did go look at Jamberry when I read that you do monthly boxes. But I don’t like that I can’t pay/cancel monthly and it doesn’t look like it gives me a chance to preview and reject my monthly box, like I get with Scratch. I’m pretty picky about my nail stickers and reject about half my boxes.

        I also like the option with Scratch that instead of rejecting or accepting, I can choose to ‘gift’ the box to someone else, which I did when my sister was having chemo. Maybe other Jamberry customers would like these options too.

      • Hi Lulu!

        Jamberry just launched Stylebox this past summer and luckily they are listening to feedback from us consultants as well as customers. There is a skip feature available and right now, but the only way to cancel is to log in and submit a ticket to stop the shipments. They are currently working on a direct-from website way to cancel your subscription. I appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to our Home Office. I’m always available to answer any questions if you decide to give Jams a try!

  6. just sent for a sample…i am allergic to everything conceivable so i thought that would be a good thing to do. O.O

  7. Looking forward to trying. I love having my nails done but am too hard on them.

  8. My daughter went to youtube for instructions on using Jamberry’s. She said that it took about 7 minutes – start to finish- for each nail. Half an hour per hand seems extreme.

    What are we missing that can speed this process up a bit?

    • Brenda, for a girl who didn’t have a cuticle pusher herself, and has no idea how to use nail stuff, these things took me 30 minutes for both hands. I used the hair dyer method, and put them on my nails, blasted them with the dryer, then trimmed on my nails, and used a nail file to clean everything up.

      • Thanks! I will pass the info on.

      • I’m also a consultant and non girly girl and these do not take that long to apply. However, a salon manicure is easily more than a half hour long. First application may be longer but once you figure it out you’ll fly through it. I do both hands in about 15 minutes or so

  9. Hi Ladies!!
    Just wanted to let you know that Sarah’s party is one buy 3 get 1 free order away from the next level of hostess rewards…which will be chosen at random from the pool of purchasers!

  10. Love the Willy Wonka reference! My polish doesn’t even last until they dry because I can’t stay still that long. I try flailing my hands around while standing under the ceiling fan. I rarely use polish because it is instantly messed up, but when I do I use something like iridescent or clear with a little glitter so they just look a little shimmery without showing all the damage so easily.

    Have a great week!

  11. Hi Ladies!
    Just wanted to let you all know that the party will be closing tomorrow 10-22. The winner for the hostess rewards will be selected at random and then you will have 5 days to place the rewards order!

    And I was amazed at the response for samples!! I finally finished mailing them all out yesterday! Thank you all for your interest in Jamberry- and Sarah for being an awesome hostess!